Pet Munchies Salmon Skin Dog Chews
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Pet Munchies Salmon Skin Dog Chews

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Pet Munchies Salmon Skin Dog Chews are gourmet treats made out of only 100% natural wild salmon.

Completely free from all artificial additives, preservatives, flavours and colours, the treats are low in fat, high in protein and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals to help support good health.

Health Benefits:

üHealthy Heart üOptimal Brain & Eye Function
üHypoallergenic üMaintains Healthy Skin & Coat
üGood for Teeth üPromotes Joint Mobility

The treats are suitable for any size dog and offer a rough, durable texture that encourages your dog to chew, which in turn helps to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth

Pet Munchies Salmon Chews are also full of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and antioxidants to help keep your dog’s skin healthy and their coat glossy and shiny.

100% Natural Salmon Skin

Wheat, Soya and Gluten free.