Bags on Board Neutral Dog Waste Bags, 120

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Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags – Neutral, 140 bags

  • Bags on Board Waste Pickup Neutral Colored Refill Bags (120 ct) offers dog owners 100% leakproof guarantee and convenience for dog waste pickup.
  • Comes in muted colors of gray and black to help disguise dog poop color
  • Our bags fit most dispensers so no need to buy a new one
  • 9″ x 14″ Bags (8 Rolls)

Bags on Board Colored Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags 120ct Stock up on colorful, leakproof waste pick-up bags. Features: Bags fit most dispensers 100% leak-proof guarantee Convenient for pet waste pick-up Three options of color to choose from Item Specifications: Size: 9″ x 14″ Bags 15 bags per roll 120 ct