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Natures Menu Raw Frozen Dog Chews Beef Paddywack

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“With a knick-knack Paddywack, give the dog a bone…” Paddywacks are considered a great bone free beginner chew.

Satisfyingly chewy and packed full of natural nutrients.
We recommend to feed this product to dogs over 10 weeks of age.

Chewing can help induce a state of calm in dogs and feeding raw meaty bones is an important element of a raw diet.
Our range of meaty bones and chewing meats are carefully selected to accommodate dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.
Serve as a treat 1-3 times a week or as part of a home prepared raw meal.
Always supervise your dog when feeding raw meaty bones and select a raw bone or chew that is appropriate for your dog.

182 kcal/100g

Due to this being a natural product, colour, texture and appearance may vary from batch to batch due to seasonal variations. 



Beef (100%)

Analytical constituents

Crude Protein (34.7%), Crude Oils & Fats (16.3%), Crude Ash (0.5%), Crude Fibres (19.8%), Moisture (50.9%).
182 kcal/100g