Lily's Kitchen Truly Naturals Crispy Pork Bites for Dogs

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Crunchy mouthfuls of meatiness that taste utterly irresistible. Packed with protein, our puffed pork is made using the best pork rind and is cooked by hand until puffed to perfection. Deliciously light, crisp and totally moreish, these little bites of loveliness will make your dog’s day.

These treats are free from artificial flavourings and colourings and other nasty additives, so your dog’s less likely to become over excited (or badly behaved!) after a treat.

  • Perfect for little loving moments
  • Deliciously crunchy
  • Unseasoned
  • Simply puffed to perfection
  • Made in Britain


100% Hand cooked puffed pork rind pieces

Analytical constitutes

Crude protein 68.8%

Crude fat 28.7%

Crude fibres 0.7%

Crude ash 1.4%

Moisture 0.4%