Kong Quest Star
Kong Quest Star
Kong Quest Star

Kong Quest Star

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An enticing, treat dispensing toy packed with personality the KONG Quest Star Pod is made using a brightly coloured, flexible material delivering a new, unique challenge dogs love, available in assorted colours (selected at random).

KONG Quest Range LIFESTYLEGreat for light to moderate chewers and perfect for providing a fun filled rewarding game to dogs the KONG Quest Star Pod promotes active play and provides essential mental stimulation when stuffed with your dog’s favourite treats or kibble. Stimulating natural foraging instincts it satisfies your dog’s natural desires to chew, hunt and play, extending treat time and providing plenty of canine enrichment with every game.

A unique design that keeps your dog challenged and engaged the KONG Quest Star Pod is perfect for play indoors and outdoors, made with premium quality flexible material that is easy to clean. It also has the added benefit of cleaning your dog’s teeth whilst rewarding at the same time, promoting positive behaviour and keeping your dog engaged and occupied with a fun filled treating toy.

  • Provides an enticing, rewarding challenge
  • Designed as an engaging and challenging treat dispensing toy
  • Ideal for all moderate and light chewers
  • Made with premium quality, brightly coloured flexible material
  • Easy to clean for a hygienic play toy
  • Promotes positive play, rewarding with tasty treats
  • Stimulates natural foraging behaviours, encouraging your dog to hunt, chew and play like they would in their natural environment
  • Provides mental stimulation, essential for the health and happiness of your dog
  • Stuff with your dogs favourite treats or snacks, including KONG snacks!
  • Cleans teeth through play, keeping teeth and gums healthy
  • Size SMALL suitable for all small to medium breed dogs

Safety Note: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to assess suitability of any treat or toy. Always supervise your pet when playing with toys.  If toy becomes damaged or parts come loose, please dispose of and/or replace to ensure safety for your pet at all times. This is not a chew toy and is not indestructible. Always read safety instructions on packaging before use.