Hollings Chicken Bars with Cheese

Hollings Chicken Bars with Cheese

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A delicious, superb quality snack for all adult dogs. These Hollings Chicken & Cheese Bars provide valuable, wholesome nutrition made with premium quality 100% chicken meat and cheese.  It all adds up to optimal nutrition and a truly satisfying tasty treat!

Simply perfect for enjoying any time of day as part of a balanced and healthy diet. These Hollings Chicken & Cheese Bars are 100% natural, made with only the finest quality natural ingredients. Containing nothing more than 100% real chicken meat with tasty cheese. These are then compressed and air dried to lock in all that natural goodness. Each bar provides an intensely meaty, nutrient-rich tasty snack – great for dogs of all sizes. The  generous 25cm long bars should even satisfy our furry friends of larger proportions!

Each bar has an irresistible chewy texture that not only satisfies your dog’s tastebuds and natural instinct to chew but also helps to promote dental health, scraping away loose plaque and tartar.

The Hollings 100% Chicken with Cheese Bars are completely free from artificial colours and preservatives. A 100% natural and healthy treat it is high in protein, calcium and low in fat. These factors make them a great addition to any dog’s daily diet.

  • Natural dog treat bars
  • Delicious combination of flavours
  • 7 bar pack
  • Hypoallergenic – grain & gluten free
  • Premium quality 100% chicken and cheese