Hollings Buffalo Horn Mini

Hollings Buffalo Horn Mini

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A 100% natural treat for dogs, the Hollings Buffalo Horn is sourced from selected suppliers to provide the highest quality treat for dogs.

A super long lasting chew that is high in protein and low in fat, the Hollings Buffalo Horn is only 3% fat, making it great for all dogs including those on a weight management diet.

Great for aggressive chewers, the Hollings Buffalo Horn satisfies all chewing needs without splintering, supporting healthy teeth and gums.

Size MINI between 50g and 150gm

Please note, this item is not suitable for puppies, dogs with existing bad teeth or elderly dogs. These treats can stain carpets so please take care when feeding. Because this is a natural product, it is impossible to achieve uniformity in each size category. It is the weight that decides the category, not the length, girth or general shape.