Doggy Daycare

London Doggies opened its doors in 2009 to all canine creatures great and small. We provide a fun, active environment with plenty of space for your dog to run around, and play naturally in a social, dog friendly pack. We are extremely fortunate to have a facility with over 3,000 sq ft of communal indoor and outdoor space just one row behind London Fields. More than one of our daycare dogs is known to sit by the window, tail wagging, waiting for the London Doggies van to arrive each morning; to return home, feet up in bed – shattered, after an exhausting day! Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see such happy dogs. 

Our daily program is designed to provide our pack with plenty of exercise, and canine socialisation. Each morning starts with an hour long walk in either Victoria Park or Hackney Marshes, and we conclude the daycare day with a further thirty minute walk in London Fields. In between walking, our dogs are able to socialise and play in a well established pack at our daycare centre, which provides an abundance of outdoor and indoor space.

Our daycare extends to the Islington (N1, N4, N5), Stoke Newington (N16), Hackney (E8, E9) and Bethnal Green (E2, E3) areas only. Please note we only accept fully vaccinated dogs, who are well socialised and whose owners intend to neuter when their fur babies grow up.

We also offer a dog hotel service, please enquire for pricing and advice.

If you are interested your dog joining London Doggies for daycare or Lunch walks please check out our website

Tel: 07919605316