Hurtta Motivation Cooling Vest

Hurtta Motivation Cooling Vest

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The Hurtta Motivation Dog Cooling Vest is a fitted jacket that holds twice as much water as a towelling coat. It protects the chest and heart areas, encourages healthy blood circulation and lets your dog run about in comfort. Simply get it wet and let the water's natural heat exchange keep your dog cool.

Key Benefits


  • Cools and gives a feeling of comfort.
  • Ideal for training or shows.
  • Excellent absorption capacity.
  • Holds twice as much water as a toweling coat.


Product Information

The vest can be used for shows, for training, for exercise or even just for hot days. You can feel confident that your dog will feel cool and happy.

Recommended for

Suitable for all breeds.


How to Measure Your Dog:

- Make sure your dog is standing upright and you have your tape measure handy.
- The chest (B) measurement should be taken from just behind your dog's front legs. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your dog's chest. We recommend adding a few fingers for comfort.

Between sizes? Try measuring the chest for a fairly snug fit without room for your fingers. Then try measuring again with a few fingers in the tape measure. If your first 'close fit' measurement was already borderline and your 'fingers' measurement pushes the reading into the next size, we suggest going for the next size. If, however, both measurements fall within the smaller size, opt for the smaller size.

Size Guide



Dog Weight




0-5 kg / 0-10 lbs

23-31cm / 9-12”

31-39cm / 12-16”


5-10 kg / 10-20lbs

33-43cm / 13-17”

49-61cm / 20-24”


10-20kg / 20-40 lbs

41-49cm / 16-20”

63-76cm / 25-30”


20-40kg / 40-80 lbs

47-58cm / 19-24”

80-103cm / 32-41”


40-80kg / >80 lbs

57-76cm / 24-30”

93-113cm / 36-44”



100% Polyester