All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana
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All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana

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All For Paws

All For Paws (AFP) specialises in designing unique and stylish products for dogs and cats. The team behind AFP makes products that meet the needs of the animals, but also fit the different lifestyles of their owners. All For Paws describe their products as useful products with a story and a purpose. All For Paws products are available worldwide and of course at

AFP Chill Out - Ice Bandana

Dogs can easily get overheated as the only way for them to cool down is by panting or through a limited amount of sweat glands in their paw pads. Because of this, a hot summer day may result in your dog overheating or even contracting heat stroke. The Chill Out Ice Bandana absorbs cool water when placed in it, which helps cool your dog’s entire body on sunny days. The handy velcro fasteners make it easy to secure around your dog's neck.


All you have to do is hold the bandana under a stream of water for a short period of time. After this you can put the bandana on your dog. Repeat every couple of hours.


What size does my dog need?
Size Neck circumference
S 30 - 36 cm
M 38 - 46 cm
L 44 - 52 cm
XL 53 - 62 cm



What if the AFP Chill Out Ice Bandana doesn't fit?

To check whether or not the AFP Chill Out Bandana fits your pet, you can take the item out of the package and hold it up next to your cat. This will allow you to see whether or not it fits. For hygienic reasons, this item cannot be returned if it has been in direct contact with your pet. Should we conclude that the bandana is stained, has been worn, is covered in hair, smells bad or has been washed once the item is shipped back to us, it will not be returned to you. In this case, the item will be given to a local charity. Unfortunately, we have to apply these rules as we are often confronted with products that have been returned in a used condition.